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Indyra is a company founded in 2011 and specialized in hosting websites, rental of virtual and dedicated servers, selling SSL certificates as well as in the domain name registration.

Our values : foundations of our society

Indyra develops and operates a range of solutions which cater to both individuals and professionals, associations and public institutions. Our expertise has led us to position our business at the intersection of information technology. Our technology and services enable us to provide our customers with packaged solutions and products with high added value.
Indyra is composed of experts in web architectures and open source solutions.

Our support : to guide you every day

Customers benefit from an efficient customer support and have several tools to contact our support team :
- Tickets system
- Knowledgebase

Our vision : scope to the future

In order to always offer the best to our customers our team updates our servers and add features and options on all our products :
- Training on the latest systems
- Equipment replaced every 2 years
- Technologies tested and implemented

Environmental Protection

Our servers use an average of 5x less energy than a standard dedicated server, with an average consumption less than 18W.
The servers we use are free from substances containing lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium ... accordance with the RoHS directive. All waste from the manufacture or operation of our servers are recycled and recovered by specialized companies.


Our servers are by default a fully redundant high availability architecture, generators and redundant UPS and lined, air cooling systems redundant.
The system we use is not known disturbances since 2006. The network is composed exclusively of Cisco equipment supply.
We use switches in 2960, 2960G, 2960S, 4948 and 6509 routers connected to a CRS. More than 17 000 kilometers of fiber are deployed and fully illuminated 10Gbit/sec.
To allocate resources and provide better redundancy of our infrastructure, we have divided our servers on three datacenters.

Datacenter 1

Built in 2009, meets the safety standards APSAD R82 and R81.
Air conditioning system with cold water adapting to the actual server activity, near the EDF, oil tank to keep the site 72 hours without electricity (with automatic feeding giving a life without electricity plant potentially unlimited).

Datacenter 2

The site is powered by two arrivals of 20,000 volts (one being there in case of failure of the other) on four transformers that lower the voltage to 400 volts. 12
UPS 400KVA. Coupled with 90 tons of batteries, this system offers 15 minutes of battery life to the entire site in case of a power outage :
The servers are powered by 29 Low Voltage switchboards equipped with automatic system switch power source and an isolation transformer

Datacenter 3

Total area : 1 750 m² and maximum capacity : 1150 m² production area : 550m ²
Upgradable to 3000 kVA N +1 2 @ HT transformers 630 kVA to 500 kVA Generator Set for room on the ground floor and 1,000 kVA for fuel replenishment floors Agreement guaranteed by SLA 4h General Tables Low Voltage site : 1 electrical circuits 000A N +1 redundancy with a bypass 600kVA uPS Battery : 20 minutes at full load 1 MSB for each rescued by one generator rooms.
Air conditioning system tightly controlled uniformly distributed under false floors to ensure the stability of the temperature and humidity @ N +1 Temperature 22 ° C + / - 4 ° C relative humidity 50% + / - 15% Rooms inverters conditioned.

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