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SSL is the standard Internet encryption for communications between users and e-commerce sites. The data is sent by an SSL connection is protected by encryption technology that prevents eavesdropping and traffic information transmitted over the Internet. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the assurance that all private data sent to the website such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. An SSL certificate is required to initiate an SSL session.

Customers know that there is a SSL session when their browsers display a padlock in gold and the address in the address bar begins with https and not http. SSL certificates can be used on web servers for security and mail servers such as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for secure sending and receiving of e-mails. SSL Certificates 128 and 256 bits are commonly used to protect the information stored online, secure email, ftp servers and services.

For all sites based on trust and authentication (e-commerce, intranet, extranet ...), an SSL certificate is not an option : it is mandatory!

Pricing & Plans
Pay only for what you use.

Rapid SSL

RapidSSL ® SSL Certificate is a 128/256 Bit. RapidSSL ® is already present in the IE 5.01 +, Netscape 4.7 + and Mozilla 1 + browsers and many other new Windows and Macintosh browsers. RapidSSL ® is perfect for those who want a simple and effective SSL certificate.

SSL123 SSL certificates are recognized by browsers 99.9%, providing a reliable solution for SSL certificate. In addition, SSL123 also works with most mobile devices and smart phones.


RapidSSLStarting From €30 per year

  • Issued in a few minutes and sent by E-mail
  • Works with HTTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP and more
  • 99.9% recognized by browsers
  • Up to 256 Bit Encryption, strong SSL encryption
  • Guaranteed $ 10,000 offered by RapidSSL ®

WildcardStarting From €160 per year

  • Issued in a few minutes and sent by E-mail
  • Secure unlimited subdomains
  • 99.9% recognized by browsers
  • Up to 256 Bit Encryption, strong SSL encryptio
  • Guaranteed $ 10,000 offered by RapidSSL ®

You can secure an unlimited number of subdomains on the same domain name with RapidSSL ® Wildcard.
All RapidSSL ® SSL Certificates include the fully qualified domain name listed in the field common name (CN) field name multiple (SAN) and the root domain.

Your RapidSSL ® certificate will be issued directly by RapidSSL ®. 99.9% of web browsers trust RapidSSL ® SSL Certificates.

Issuance Insurance is offered for RapidSSL ® only 10 €. We will reissue your RapidSSL ® SSL Certficat free for the duration of your SSL certificate in case of operation for any reason.

Features of SSL certificates
Main features of our SSL Certificates


Tunrkey pack

Including domain name (annual payment), hosting, secure email addresses, databases, scripts (PHP, MySQL...)


Platform load balancer

Platform load balancer, platform monitored...do not worry about anything, our infrastructure and our team will ensure high availability.


Save money

You get tools with your hosting that allow you to help you and support you to manage (FTP web client, newsletter, statistics and more).


Customer Support

Our customer service is available 7/7 per ticket incidence, it endeavors to provide customized technical solutions in the shortest time.


Easy Interface

Intuitive interface and complete that guarantees autonomy, simplicity and responsiveness.


One Click web installer

All our hosting packages allow you to install the most popular web applications in a few moments (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla ...).

Included in All Packages :

  • - Email Account
  • - Analytics tools
  • - Rock Solid Network
  • - 24/7 Support
  • - Advance Tools
  • - And More…

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